Residence; Deregistration

When moving out of an apartment in Germany and not moving to a new residence within the country, you are required to deregister at the responsible registration authority (municipality or city) within two weeks.

If you're giving up one of several residences (secondary residences), you must deregister the one you're giving up. The registration authority for the residence being deregistered requires a completed and signed deregistration form, along with your ID card, recognized and valid passport, or passport substitute document. If the registration is automated, filling out the deregistration form may be waived if you personally appear at the registration authority and confirm the accuracy and completeness of the data collected by signing a printout. Spouses, life partners, and family members with the same current and future residences can use one deregistration form; it suffices if one of the obligated persons signs the form.

Deregistration to a foreign country can also be done in writing or electronically. The identification of the person required to deregister can be done electronically by providing the last name, first name, date of birth, and serial number of the ID card or passport last stored in the registration register.

You must also provide the registration authority with your new address and country if you're moving abroad.

Deregistration by the registration authority is possible if you fail to fulfill your obligation to deregister.

If you only have one residence that you're giving up and are moving to another residence within Germany, it suffices to register at the new address. The registration authority at the new address informs your previous municipality that you have moved.

Failure to deregister within two weeks is considered an administrative offense. In this case, you may be fined up to €1,000.


Mr. Amesreiter, Registration Office

Mrs. Dögl, Registration Office / Deputy in Charge of Business and Events

Mrs. Gries, Registration Office

Mrs. Jakob, Registration Office

Mrs. Manzinger, Registration Office

Mrs. Schnellbügel, Registration Office

Forms & Online Processes:

Online deregistration to a foreign country 

Form Repository of the Munich District Office

The registration must be completed within two weeks after the move. Registration before actual relocation is not legally possible.

There are no fees for this service.

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