Residence; Registration

When you move into a new residence in Germany, you are required to register with the local registration office (municipality, city, or administrative community) within two weeks. This requirement also applies if you move within the same municipality or city.

To do so, you need to fill out and sign a registration form and submit it to the registration office along with your ID card, recognized and valid passport or equivalent identification document, and confirmation from your landlord (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung). If the registration register is managed automatically, filling out the registration form may be waived if you personally appear at the registration office and confirm the accuracy and completeness of the data collected by the registration office by signing a printout. You can also authorize another person to represent you during the registration process by providing the necessary documents (registration documents and power of attorney).

Spouses, life partners, and family members with the same current and future residences should use a common registration form; it is sufficient if one of the obligated parties completes the registration.

Persons under 16 years of age must be registered by the person in whose residence they will be living. If a minor has multiple residences in Germany, the main residence is the one primarily used by the person(s) with parental responsibility.

Newborns born in Germany only need to be registered if they are taken into a different residence than that of the parents or mother.

If a legal guardian or caregiver has been appointed for an adult person who can determine their residence, it is their responsibility to complete the registration.

Failure to register within two weeks is an administrative offense and may result in a fine of up to €1,000.


Mr. Amesreiter, Registration Office

Mrs. Dögl, Registration Office / Deputy in Charge of Business and Events

Mrs. Gries, Registration Office

Mrs. Jakob, Registration Office

Mrs. Manzinger, Registration Office

Mrs. Schnellbügel, Registration Office

Forms & Online Processes:

Form Repository of the Munich District Office

Online registration

The registration must be completed within two weeks after the move. Registration before actual relocation is not legally possible.

There are no fees for this service.

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